Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ya Gotta Start Somewhere

I've been eager to start a blog about food and my life journey. I've decided to "rock it" and get this story started. I'm inspired by so many wonderful things and needed a place to share my rants, foodie obsessions and weight loss journey.

This story begins with a 2011 - trite new years resolution to get healthy. I have to start with saying, this wasn't a goal to get my butt to the gym or learn healthier eating habits. I've always been active yet - I've always been heavy. I reached a new level when I gained "happy" weight after meeting my now fiance. Dinner and cocktails? Sure? How about some Dessert - Why not? Everything was a celebration, and my gym activity came to a screaming stop. After a few months I refused to get my butt on a scale and decided somewhere in my head that having everything I wanted in my life, meant giving up my health.

Facing the facts - New years 2011. I saw a picture of myself and knew something had to be done about my health - you can't gain happy fat forever, ya gotta get healthy too. It seemed serendipitous that right around that them Jennifer Hudson made her debut in the new Weight Watchers program. I was hooked and signed myself up promptly.

I'm a foodie- I love to cook - infact you could say i'm an unsuspected house frau. Its become an obsession that gets me audibly saying "Mmmm..." at farmers markets and buying 40lbs of produce. I've been inspired by lots of foodie blogs to create my own concoctions of healthy, crave-worthy, foods that are fast, easy, and rock.

30lbs down - and still going - In the beginning of my journey I was that go-getter chick at every meeting, weighing my food and logging everything I put in my mouth. Not much has changed, but I find more inspiration during the week then just my meetings. Every week i'm inspired by recipes, workouts, and friends yet still sometimes my excuse train take me off track. Its my intention to interact, read, find tips on things that work and go for it.

Its time to Rock-it!

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