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I'm Amber, and Art Director living in Boston, MA. A years ago I had a revelation at a New Years party that I not only have to do something about becoming a healthier person, but that i'm also responsible for my own happiness. More then a new years resolution, I decided to start this blog as an adventure through cooking, weight-loss, and self discovery.

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I joined Weight Watchers in January 2011, after the new Weight Watchers Plus program, was unleashed to the masses! I had tried every program, pill, work out known to man and I always felt like I was slipping through the cracks. When I joined the program, I discovered what makes this program work is the support and lifestyle encouraging me to look the way I want to feel. I also have a healthy appetite for finding new healthy twists on favorite cocktails, foods, and workouts. I'm eager to share some lovely recipes, and also my little story of self-cheerleading to becoming a happy, healthy and balanced adult. Thanks for reading!

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