Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Finding Balance

Here is the problem with "diets" you spend your days eating strictly, writing everything down and working out for every bead of sweat and calorie burned. You give up everything you love in order to loose weight because your not "allowed" to eat certain foods. You basque in the glory of compliments from friends, you feel a sense of accomplishment, and go shopping for new "skinny" jeans. This goes on for weeks, months or maybe even years (if your lucky) and then one day something SNAPS! You may be on vacation, or have hit that special number you where striving for but next thing you know your brain has shut off and filled it's body full of every fat, salt, sweet, giant portion of food that you have been denying yourself for months. Then a vicious cycle mind game starts, and you say to yourself- "well I already went overboard yesterday - might as well do it again today". I'm not perfect, and find myself in this conundrum more then i would like to admit, but being aware can make a huge difference and get you back on track.

Don't Deny It-
You like cream in your coffee every morning? Go for it! You enjoy french fries on occasion? Eat them! Having a chocolate and or ice cream craving? - Indulge! The trick here is you don't have to give up everything you love, just adjust! I learn everyday that finding a different way to fulfill your cravings or find balance in the amount that your eating. Gives you everything you want in terms of flavor, just a few less calories. But lets be honest - i'm not a Saint - if i am having a craving for ice cream - i'm going for it!

Know your triggers -
This actually has nothing to do with food. In my case a trigger is a Friday. TGIF - Uh oh! Its one of the happiest days of the week, but its also a slippery slope to cocktails, going out to dinner and merry-making with good friends. It also seems to a day where you want to "treat" yourself for being so good during the week, the ultimate excuse to have a black out - eat everything in site evening. A few things I find help : 1.Find a restaurant that gives you healthy alternatives, or make requests like salad without dressing to curb your going out cravings. 2. Avoid beer & wine - and if you can't - have a light beer. Better yet, have a light cocktail. Basically remember - Fresh Juice, and Clear booze, add soda water - LOOSE the straw! You will cut calories, and have less drinks, and slow down to enjoy yourself.

Get back in the saddle-
Get back into your workout routine. If that means adding it into your weekends or getting back in the (in my case) bike saddle. Do what it takes to find a balance with indulgence and fitness.

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