Wednesday, July 27, 2011

30lbs Thinner

I've reached my goal of the week -  2.5lbs which puts my total weight loss at 30lbs!! I am thrilled to see my hard work paying off, yet at the same time i'm slightly terrified. Something goes off in my brain once i've reached a special milestone, that all of my hard work has paid off - therefore I deserve an extra "treat", really I am the maker of my own self sabotage.  Part of why i've started this blog is to put goals in writing and stick to them. 

This week I will be  concentrating on continuing to drink more water and incorporating activity into my social life.   I'm determined to make a change in my health and its time to carry this over into my social circles. I think this will will be a great way to make a new connection with friends that's not over food, and ultimately aid me in my quest for weight loss success!

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