Friday, July 29, 2011

Find Activities & Share with Others

Finding activities that don't revolve around food! Ultimately I want to be more active, but my social butterfly sense seems to flourish in foodie environments.

Solution: Get out and play!

The Plan:

Plan #1: Going for a Bike Ride & Bringing the Family.
This weekend i'm going to take advantage of the nice weather (and our new bikes) and try a biking trail with the fiance. We are searching blogs and checking out trails, then packing the bikes onto the car and seeing some new sights!

A shot from our local bike riding trip. We had a great time and wound up riding around 10miles!

Plan #2: Sign up for Something New
I'm lucky enough to have a fiance that likes to dance! So, we are signing up for ballroom dancing lessons. Not only will it be fun to try something new, but this may give us an opportunity to show off some moves at some upcoming weddings we are attending.

Plan #3: Get Inspired by Great Food.
We decided to explore a local farmers markets as well as a local barbeque joint. This inspired a left over pizza that rocked our world, while keeping me on track on WW points!

Farmers market fruits, which we did purchase. A photo of me feeling "skinny" and the pretty mini deserts I avoided because of it.
Eat, Drink and being merry. We checked out this local watering hole and enjoyed specialty local beers along with ribs. We didn't finish them but they inspired an amazing white pizza (recipe to come!)

I'm most excited about these three challenges because it will be another way for my fiance and myself to be active, bond,  and have fun together.  Ultimately, this is not only for better health, but to set a prescient for our marriage. Building a foundation for activities we enjoy together will keep the fire roaring for each other for years to come!

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