Monday, August 8, 2011

The Skinnygirl Rules

Just Finished: The Skinnygirl Rules: For Getting and Staying Naturally Thin - By Bethenny Frankel. I found Bethanny's perspective a refreshing treat to Skinny Bitch - By Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin. She makes fantastic points of stopping the constant craziness of yoyo dieting and making yourself feel guilty for food blunders. I would definitely suggest this book to anyone looking for a healthy "mentally" friendly book. I think Bethany does a great job of identifying food issues we all mentally struggle with and making realistic healthy attainable goals that stop you from the same old yo yo cycle of unhealthy eating!

Great take-away advice from this book - Portion your food! 
The skinny-girl rules does a great job of suggesting ways to portion you food. This has been my number 1 take away from this book. Putting food that i LOVE like ice cream or french fries into a small salad bowl or ramekin make eating less guilty but also more track-able! Her advice lead me to find 

Another great take away - You can eat anything - just not all at once.
Bethanny reinforces her no-dieting perspective to food by saying that we are all adults and responsible for what we put into our own mouths (what a concept!) No longer can you blame, anyone or situation to make you over eat or indulge in your favorite foods. Its about taking responsibility for yourself and listening to your inner food voice.

The Hardest Part - Listening to your inner food voice! I stopped listening to my inner food voice a long time ago. I believe its barley a whisper these days. I have to admit I'm terrible at - concentrating on eating when i'm eating. I love to concentrate on what i'm ABOUT to eat when i'm cooking, which I noticed also means that I load my plate with extra food because i'm hungry (my eyes are bigger then my stomach) - then i sit in front of the tv or computer and wolf it all down-  next thing you know that large portion is gone! I want to start concentrating on what i'm eating and sharing conversations with my fiance. I think this is another great way to build our relationship and both get on a track to listening to our inner "food voices".

Just read: Skinny Bitch: By Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin  |   Read My Thoughts

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