Monday, August 8, 2011

The-No-Excuse-NOT to bring a healthy and tasty lunch to work container.

I love riding my bike to work! It makes me feel fit and healthy - and it gives me a way to build activity points during 2 parts of my day; first thing in the morning and last thing in the afternoon. I no longer feel guilty if i did'nt make it to the gym and i'm decreasing my carbon footprint (and increasing my sanity!)

One of the biggest problems I have had with riding my bike to work is finding a leak proof container that I feel confident enough in to bring my lunch to work. I know that packing yummy, healthy and different lunch options for myself will not only help me save money - but it will put me in greater control over portion sizes. With a large array of delicious restaurant choices for lunch, right out outside our doorstep. Bringing string cheese, pre-packed lunch meat and a piece of fruit to work just wasn't cutting it.

Enter Ziploc Twist' n Loc containers!

Now when I cook up a storm (like I did this past weekend) I go ahead and pre-portion my meals, so in the morning its a matter of opening the fridge and tossing (literally tossing) healthy lunch choices into my bag. The best part about these twist and lock containers is the tops TWIST on. Meaning no matter how many speed bumps or random maneuvers I make, my food stays put. I bought the smaller containers so i can keep my food to around 1 cup and a half (the small ones hold 1 pint or 16fl oz).  Also since i'm not always the biggest fan of eating the "night before" left overs this twist and seal allows me to throw (again literally throw) my dinner left overs into the freezer for another day so i'm not eating the same thing back to back.  Its brilliant!

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