Thursday, August 11, 2011

Getting back to "Track"

While I have had a pretty good week in terms of work outs and calorie intake. One thing that I would like to improve on this week is to get back to "tracking".

I have the WW tracker on my phone, as well as easy access to the program on computers but for some reason last week tracking my food intake was illusive. It really can't be easier for me to put something into my mouth and track it, but I found every excuse i could think of not to do so. This week, as a result I found that on the scale stayed the same.

Given that the United states as a whole, intakes more average daily calories per person then any other country in the world. (see my little graphic friend as reference).  Its a good idea for everyone to track a little closer what we are eating and at what time of day. Tracking makes you take accountability for your actions while also giving you a barometer of how to set up workouts or the amount of treats you can have during a week.

I've also found that the easier it is to track - in my case - tracking online is key. The less excuse prone I can be, and the less "guess" work I do. Having a journal in one place that i can go back and reference recipes and food tools, lets me visually see and graph how calorie intake effects my weight-loss or gain. I'm hoping that this week getting back to "track" will give me great results on the scale!

Besides the WW tracker i have found a few other free alternatives to help track.
FitBit -
FoodSpotting -

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