Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Inspiration

The Difference a Year Makes
(on the left: New Years Eve 2011 - on the right New Years Eve 2012)
Its a New Year! Which means - Resolution Time! If you are a member of a weight-loss program and you already work out, these next few "resolution months" make for a busy new year. In honor of the excitement of new people into the gym and on program, I thought I would feed off of some of their excited weight loss energy, and share some inspiration to kick this new year off right.

Looking Back to Look Forward
I've never taken two photos of myself (see above, before and after) and really looked at them side by side. Since New Years 2011 gave me the motivation to start loosing weight .  I thought I would put a before and after next to each other to put my weight loss into perspective. Wow what a difference a year makes!
A Dose of My Own Medicine
Part of writing this blog for me is a reflection of the choices I have made that have worked and what has not. In my post "When Going Extreeme Does'nt Result in a Loss," I wrote about how emotionally tolling a vigorous workout and food schedule can take a toll on your emotions when you don't see your hard work pay off on the scale. Having just experienced another week of 0.0 weight loss on the scale, and earning 90 - YES 90 activity points, and staying at least 2-3 points under my daily target, everyday. I'm taking a dose of my own medicine and learning from my mistakes. Again.

Upping my Caloric intake along with my fitness regimen should hopefully turn my metabolism around. But most importantly I need to find what works for me and my body.

Small Goals to Get Big Results.

Fitness Goal
I recently received a fitbit (read about it here), and decided to set myself a weekly goal of 10,000 steps a day and 70,000 steps a week. Doing Zumba weekly and also enjoying hip hop classes and other forms of exercise.

Date Goal: The Skinny Valentine - i'm looking to loose 10lbs by Feb 14th! This is going to be a challenge as i've noticed i've hit a plateau lately. I've worked hard to loose 2.8lbs over the holiday season. While its in the right direction - its not enough to help me hit my goals.

Community: Meetings are an excellent way to check in with other people who can relate to your weight loss journey. If your like me, once a week is a great way to say hello and set myself up with a weekly goal and reality check. However there is an entire community of bloggers, youtube-ers, and social networks to help you through this weight-journey. Below are a few links that I find helpful:


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