Monday, October 17, 2011

Why I LOVE Zumba

It’s no secret that I absolutely love to dance! I’d say it’s my favorite thing besides family and friends. Zumba is a way for me to dance every day and share the party with friends and new people. I LOVE a fitness class, or any fitness program for that matter, where I enjoy the process, not just the product.  Zumba® provides this for me – it is an outlet for my energy, my stress and my creativity. And when I leave class, I feel uplifted and energized. For the past 2 weeks have done a Zumba class at lease 2-4 times a week and I have lost a wooping 5lbs!!! The best part is - i cant WAIT to get back to class.

But i'm not "coordinated" enough for Zumba. Many people shy away from Zumba because they are worried about needing to be coordinated. You DON’T need to be coordinated, just have a sense of humor. The nice thing about Zumba® is that it doesn’t require a lot of technical dance skill, just a desire to learn and willingness to try.  Zumba® songs have repeating phrases – usually a verse, a chorus and maybe a bridge or two. Also, dances repeat themselves – for instance, in one class you may do multiple Merengue, Cumbia, Salsa and Reggaeton dances. The moves transfer from one dance to another so things start to look familiar. Don’t worry when you come to class – we all know it takes several before you feel like you are getting the hang of it. Just have fun and remember that people aren’t watching you – they are all too worried about getting the steps and having fun themselves.

So how does one find a Zumba® class? The company has made this easy – log on to and click on “Find a Class.” Type in your zip code and up pops the classes in your area. You can usually click on the instructor’s name or the studio/facility name to find more information about the classes. Usually the address and phone number of the facility are listed so you can give them a call.

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