Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Why am I Here?

This week’s meeting was about controlling your environment.  This one is not difficult for me.  I have a husband who eats healthy also and neither of us can have junk food in the house or we eat it.  That makes it easy for both of us.  We just don’t bring it in the house.

But I was asked this week - Why are you here at weight watchers - and i had to think WHY - besides looking great in a wedding dress am i here -

So like all things in life that are meant to be remembered i wrote down my reasons - here are my top 10!

Here are my reasons:

To look AMAZING in my wedding dress
To be proud of myself
To be a great role model to my friends and family
To go shopping with out reservation of size
To have control over myself and the scale
To be an inspiration to others
No more tired, painful, knees, feet, back, and ankles
To FEEL sexy (and look it too!)
To have energy ALL DAY LONG
To be able to work out in a sports bra
To Learn how to eat healthy and make it a habit!

The list could go on and on and on.  These are just my top reasons why I started Weight Watcher.  The biggest reason part of writing this down is to not re-gain all of the weight i have lost. All of the things listed above I deserve to have, and while shoveling food in my face might feel good for a moment - i am finding that it feels BETTER to finish what i started and keep the weight off!

This week, in order to be successful, I need action plans.  Here they are:

Count every single thing I put in my mouth
Stay within my daily points plus target
Exercise at least three times this week
Drink at least 80 ounces of water every day

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