Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New Points Plus 2012!

Its been awhile, but i'm working up a storm on new recipes and weigh-in updates. So far i've lost a total of 38lbs and counting and I can't believe how close i am to hitting the big 40. That being said - this has been a slow and un easy road. Perfect timing for the New Points Plus 2012!

Unlike last year when, around the time that i joined, ww is not doing a complete re-haul of their program. Rather, they are making mind or "tweaks" to the program for people like me to be more successful!

Lowering My Own Points: For the last few months I have been creeping very slowly down the weight loss road, and have found myself a little frustrated with the rate at which i'm loosing. The New Points Plus 2012 program is designed to help me control my own points. Now I can lower them weekly, and really put a focus on eating more Points Plus Foods. Also, having control over my own points means that I no longer will have the 2 week learning curve of trying to figure out how to adjust to my new lower points target. Now I have more control, which leaves me feeling like lowering or raising my points is up to me, and not up to the WW points gods.

Jump Starting Your Program: The New PP 2012 plan also gives new and old members a chance to "jump start" yourself into the new plan. This week we talked about managing our environment, and how to make smarter choices, by controlling (yourself) in the environments your in. For me my biggest challenge is going out to eat, and making smart choices. One thing I will strive to do this week, is manage the amount of cocktails or wine I have when i go to restaurants, by watching the amount of water i'm intaking and maybe changing my drinks out with a few "mock-tails" in between, so I can still feel like i'm part of the bar/party but i'm drinking less and taking on less points.

They also outfitted us with a new tracker that made suggestions on meals to eat for the week. While I primarily track everything via their website and apps, I think this recipe suggestion book will come in handy when i'm looking for something to eat thats low points and satisfying.

Everyone's Getting More Active: Now to accelerate weight loss and get everyone moving, WW is putting a weekly 15 activity points a week target into their program. Since I clear this target a few fold a week (i'm usually between in the 30's-80's in activity points) this part of the program for me is a no brainer. I actually think it will help me, stay on target and push myself further. Weight watchers gives some great tips on Everyday ways to get moving here.

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